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Z1 Mini is a development board based on cc2530 chip (Ebyte module). With this board and great firmwares like this one, it is possible to build various custom zigbee end devices. The board can use standard cc2530 (4dBm module E18-MS1-PCB) or amplified cc2530 type (20dBm module E18-MS1PA2-PCB). It is provided with standard ICSP connector; the firmware can be flashed using CC-debugger, SmartRF04EB or a Raspberry used as programmer. Available I/O and electrical features are shown in the picture below.

Board can be powered on +V pin with a voltage of max 13.2V (it is provided with voltage regulator). It is possible to use 3.3V available on relative pin to power sensors etc. Maximum available current is about 200mA. Voltage level on all pins is +3.3V. For 5V level a 1k to 5.1k must be added in series (not recommended, risk of damage may exist. Use of voltage level translator recommended). Z1 Mini with standard E18-MS1-PCB zigbee module can be used in most cases; where there are issues related to distance and/or obstacles, version equipped with E18-MS1PA2-PCB amplified module, may be recommended.

Rev.A and Rev.B have the same functionality but:


Where to find Z1-Mini

Z1-Mini assembled and tested can be found on Tindie